Share The Road!

As weather improves, there’s a lot more motorcycles!  We know our listeners

love bikes.  So, here’s some tips from KDOT to make sure you’re safe!

For more on Motorcycle safety, go here.

To chime in with the Kansas Department of Transportation, see their


Motorcycle Safety Thoughts…

Tips for drivers:

Motorcycles and other vehicles need to Share the Road safely. Look twice, save a life!

Many motorcyclist deaths involving another vehicle are caused by a driver turning in

front of the motorcyclist. Please – look twice and save a life.

Be sure to signal, check your mirrors and definitely check those blind spots before

changing lanes to Share the Road with motorcyclists.

Allow more distance – three or four seconds – when following a motorcycle. Motorcycles

may suddenly need to change speed or adjust lane position to avoid hazards such as

potholes, gravel, or debris in the roadway.

Motorcyclists sometimes downshift instead of applying brakes. Always keep an eye

out for motorcycles and Share the Road!

What are the four deadly words a motorcyclist doesn’t want to hear? “I didn’t see him.”

Please – it only takes a few seconds to Share the Road by looking twice for motorcycles.

Tips for riders:

Motorcyclists have a responsibility to ride safely. Be sure you are wearing a DOT

approved helmet and reflective clothing – Be safe, be seen.

Did you know that in Kansas, motorcycles are involved in less than 2% of all

crashes…but about 12% of fatalities are motorcyclists? Riders, you are more

vulnerable, so gear up for a safer ride!

There’s a lot to know about riding a motorcycle safely! Take a class to learn

or refresh your skills.

Before riding a motorcycle, be sure to complete a rider’s education course and

obtain a class M driver’s license. Riding safely is YOUR responsibility!

Riders should strategically use their lane position to see and be seen on the

highway. “Share the Road” is a shared responsibility!

Motorcyclists should combine turn signals and hand signals to draw

attention to themselves when switching lanes. “Share the Road” is a shared


Bikers, what are four words your family doesn’t want to hear? “I didn’t see him.”

Remember to use strategic lane positioning, proper lighting, and reflective

clothing to be seen when you ride! Drinking and riding a motorcycle just don’t

go together. Enjoy a safe, sober ride! Operating a motorcycle takes a great deal of

mental focus and physical maneuvering, so alcohol or drugs and motorcycles just

don’t mix. Always ride sober.





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