Bradley J’s After Party May 8th 2018

To kick things off if you didn’t already know it’s . .

Happy National Have a Coke Day.  Let’s celebrate with the old Coke jingle from the ’80s.


Now let’s hear what your favorite Country Artist are up to


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Brad Paisley Sings With California Fire Department … 


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Luke Bryan was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show talking about going to dinner at Lionel Richie’s house. 

Luke says he’s gotten backlash for being a judge on ‘American Idol.’ Former fans ripped up his concert tickets because he sent a contestant home on the show.


And finally 

emergency call businessman smartphone

A woman in Nebraska named Kendra Jackson had a runny nose for years, and doctors kept telling her it was allergies . . . but it turned out she was leaking brain fluid.

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